Fees and Rebates

Fees: Perth Men’s Health is a private billing practice. Payment is required at the time of consultation and can be made with cash, cheque, EFTPOS or Credit Card.

Please note, standard consultation costs vary, and each doctor has their own individual billing practices. Please do not hesitate to discuss fees/Medicare rebates with our reception staff.


Medicare: Once payment is made, reception staff can send your claim online to Medicare for you to receive the partial Medicare rebate into the bank account you have registered with Medicare.

The rebate is typically deposited into your bank account by Medicare within 24-48 hours of your appointment.

Please note, all consultations will incur a gap between the cost of the consultation and the Medicare rebate.


DVA: Dr Yin Min Hew facilitates appointments for all patients covered by Department of Veteran’s Affairs. If you are a DVA member but do not have a gold card, please advise us of this so we can see if the cost of your appointment will be covered by DVA. DVA have exceptions to what you are covered for if you are not a gold card holder and they can advise you of this if you are unaware.